Partnering & Supporting


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The team at Barry Long Homes is proud to support and partner with organizations
that are striving to make a difference in our community:


Independence is priceless.
We make it affordable.

The Northwest Access Fund provides funding to people with disabilities in Washington & Oregon to purchase assistive technology, modify homes with accessibility upgrades, receive financial counseling and achieve greater independence. The NWAF has a fantastic Home Modification Loan for people with disabilities to use: see more about this fantastic opportunity HERE.

You are unique. So are we.

The Northwest’s full-service exercise-based therapy center, providing intensive exercise-based recovery programs focused on regaining function in those paralyzed due to illness, injury, or other neurological disorders. Whether your injury is new or you’ve had it for years, building and maintaining muscle mass keeps tissues in paralyzed limbs healthy. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to reach your optimal potential.

Do Life in the Here and Now.

The Here and Now Project is a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run by a team of dedicated volunteers. Our mission is to connect and empower the paralysis community in the Pacific Northwest. Through private support groups, community activities and larger annual gatherings, we have built a fellowship of Survivors and Supporters who encourage and inspire each other to “Do Life in the Here and Now.”


Indoor Venue Routing Based on
Your Specific Accessibility Needs.

Handimaps focuses on the accessibility features located within a venue, and creating routes and paths which lead to wherever the user desires to be. We will provide individualized routes based on the user's needs, as well as adapt the application to the user themselves. We will offer options for voice control, increased text size, and a minimized interface that is extremely simple to use no matter the limitations of the user.

Adapting for the World in which we live.

Seattle Adaptive Sports (SAS) is a not-for-profit is recognized by the US Olympic/Paralympic Committee as a Paralympic Sports Club. SAS is dedicated to the promotion of the well-being of individuals with physical disabilities, by giving them the opportunity to participate and compete in athletic and recreational activities. Our participants benefit with improved self-esteem and physical well-being, as well as independence.

Changing the World. One Child at a Time.

At Mobility Builders, we create customized and cost-effective wheelchairs for people with disabilities in developing countries.

We strive to create a process that can be utilized across the globe to build affordable, customized wheelchairs using local resources for the 65 million people in the world who need wheelchairs.


Taking Care of You, The Driver

Mobility Roadside Assistance™ is the first Emergency Roadside Assistance program for Mobility Challenged Drivers in the US & Canada, taking care of you, the driver, and not JUST the vehicle. Mobility Roadside Assistance™ provides peace of mind through full service paratransit assistance, including paratransit pick-up for you, your family & your equipment.

Showcasing good deeds, one Golden act at a time.

We want to better our world, one act of kindness at a time. We showcase good deeds, and in turn, inspire others to act similarly. Together we can make the world a better place, one Golden Act at a time.

Equal Worth, Equal Justice.

Washington Civil and Disability Advocate is guided by the simple but powerful proposition that all lives have equal dignity and worth. As a result, this organization is committed to providing legal services to people with disabilities without charging attorney fees.